January 10, 2020
16h30 - 18h00
Ground Control
PJ Klimek - Holo
Why do we want to build apps on Holochain?

While designing Holochain and on Holochain we often ask ourselves basic questions about information. What is it, how is it carried, how can it be accessed? Very often we end up noticing deep similarities to principles of physics, like relativity theory or quantum effects. Come and see how very plain principles of Holochain allow for unconstrained flow of information between agents. Let’s discuss how agent’s ownership over data can create a paradigm shift in our inter-human interaction.

PJ Klimek, Product Owner and Architect at Holo, will offer an introduction to the high-level architecture of Holochain, and will start a conversation about the relevant use cases for p2p applications



PJ Klimek

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