January 12, 2020
13h00 - 14h00
Ground Control
Caleb James Delisle
Cjdns and PKT : Decentralizing Internet Infrastucture

8 years ago cjdns was started to make the internet encrypted and decentralized, unlike TOR and I2P, it was not intended as an overlay but rather to a complete revisit of the way the internet should work, peer-to-peer and always encrypted. Since then it has had moderate community interest but has not lead to any actual infrastructure buildout.

My current project is a sort of phase-two of cjdns, building a blockchain called PKT in order to create a bandwidth market so that anyone capable of running fiber and pointing antennas can participate in building the infrastructure of the new internet. All of these fibers and wireless links will become a “pool of bandwidth” which a professional network operator can reach into and pull out the bandwidth necessary to build their own network.

This talk aims to limit technical details to the minimum that is necessary so please do not feel intimidated to attend. There will be time reserved for questions so that in case there is not enough technical detail, topics can be addressed more fully.


Caleb James Delisle