January 11, 2020
14h30 - 16h00
Ground Control
P2P Festival
Hacking for the Commons - A documentary about Free Software and Open Knowledge
La bataille du Libre is a new documentary directed by Phillipe Borrel and produced by Temps noir. The film deals with issues related to Open Source and free software. “Wheter in various fields of society like medical, finance, industrial, education, and even agriculture, almost no activity sector has escaped the strong hold of computer code. We depend on it in any human activity sector in which knowledge is key. And in the process we lose more and more of our autonomy because most of the software programs we use, without knowing it, are proprietary: their computer code being protected by patents owned by major corporations that earn disproportionate income from them. However, in the case of open source software, it can be freely used, copied, shared, and even improved by all. Open Source advocates then see the issue as philosophical and political, as well as a societal choice, while their contributing and emancipatory practice to software development start to disseminate much outside of IT and into public interest and the general good.”