Our values

Open and free

Open and free: our monthly events are social events, they are open to everybody and won’t be only technical. Curious minds are more than welcome, registration in meetup.com is not mandatory, and is used mostly for the initial reach and to get a rough idea of the event size.Open to all, but you won’t feel welcome here if you:discriminate any group for any reasondetain the one truth / can’t see your views challengedhave issue understanding the concept of boundaries / consentare a dick


Money/commercial projects are NOT forbidden subjects, but this group does not aim to be an echo chamber for the next fool’s gold experiment/coins; though we can still have constructive discussions about these


We want you to meet as many peers as possible, and provide a space where new ideas/groups/projects can be created


Currently most of us are Paris-based, so this group is ParisP2P, midterm plans include an umbrella organisation (a bit like “FranceJS”) for France’s P2P events, we can help organising your own P2P events by sharing contacts, content, tools, and whatever we can to help create a mesh of autonomous node, and organise meta event to exchanges with all communities. Contact us if you plan to start something, and follow or participate in this GitHub thread to contribute in this adventure