Friedger Müffke



January 10, 2020
19h30 - 20h00
Ground Control
Friedger Müffke - Blockstack
Blockstack and Verifiable Credentials

Blockstack is an open source project that allows users to create and control their own digital identity. The identity is blockchain based and follows the standards for decentralized identity (DID) by W3C. With these DIDs users can start to interact with other users, in particular create and validate user-related certificates, so-called Verifiable Credentials.

In this talk, Friedger will give a short introduction to Blockstack and explain how Verifiable Credentials can be used on a p2p basis.

January 11, 2020
17h30 - 18h30
Ground Control
Friedger Müffke - Blockstack
Decentralized Login and Storage with Blockstack

In this session, you will learn how to add authentication to web apps that does not require any servers. It will be shown how user-owned storage can be used to exchange and verify data between users, in particular group membership and payment receipts.

React.js and Blockstack.js will be used in this session.