Fabien P.

Osmose Collective


January 10, 2020
18h00 - 19h15
Ground Control
Fabien P.
Reverse Engineering Basics & Theory
Fabien P. will quickly present the basics of reverse engineering with a playful presentation of the logics of “Reverse Engineering”. This conference is intended for developers and the curious, who want to understand the logic, analysis and modification mechanisms of a compiled code during its execution. These logics and tools are of course tools and knowledge that can then be applied to all application developers, as well as to profiles interested in cybersecurity.
January 12, 2020
13h00 - 16h00
Ground Control
Discovery of the Cybersecurity learning platform: Pathwar
Pathwar.land is an open-source platform for teaching cybersecurity, using challenges and ruthless competition between players. It’s free and open to all!