January 11, 2020
16h00 - 17h30
Ground Control
Brian O'Hagan, CoinHouse
Learn how to interact with smart-contracts on Ethereum

Level: beginner and intermediate. No technical knowledge is required, this workshop is intended for newcomers who wish to discover and interact with the Ethereum ecosystem. We will give you the best practices and everything you need to get off to a good start in this high-potential ecosystem.

What to bring :

  • A laptop, with a web browser (Google Chrome or Brave required)
  • Writing materials (pen & paper)

In this introductory workshop you will :

  • A quick introduction on Ethereum will be given by the speaker.
  • You will create an Ethereum portfolio.
  • We will supply them and analyse what happens when a transaction takes place.
  • We will interact with several smart-contracts to perform various transactions.
  • We will create a personalized name for your Ethereum account.
  • We will teach you how to interact with real Dapps (decentralized applications).
  • A panorama of interesting Dapps will be presented to you.



Brian O'Hagan